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We are experts in the design and installation of school kitchens. Contact us now to arrange a consultation.

School Kitchens

Any school kitchen needs to be laid out in a way that can facilitate the preparation of a large amount of food in a way that is safe and hygienic, as such, careful considerations need to be made during the design and installation process. Murco Catering Equipment can design and implement a kitchen specifically tailored to meet the requirements of schools of any size, whilst also adhering to all relevant health and safety standards. We have found that more and more schools are opting to bring their catering in house, especially as this can be an effective way to improve the eating habits of students and we can provide invaluable advice and support on how to make the most out of new school catering capabilities.


Combining decades of knowledge and experience with industry leading design capabilities, Murco Catering Equipment can create kitchens for schools and colleges of all sizes; whether you’re feeding a small class of 30 or a large school of 3000, we will design and implement a kitchen that allows you to prepare and serve food in an efficient, hygienic manner. We have an in-depth knowledge of all health and safety regulations relating to school kitchens, meaning we can ensure that all fittings and fixtures are up to standard.

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