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Restaurant Kitchens

Naturally, restaurant kitchens need to be carefully designed for maximum efficiency so that the food preparation, serving and cleaning teams can operate without hindrance. Murco Catering Equipment can ensure your restaurant kitchen is laid out and fitted in a way that allows for the smooth operation of all necessary kitchen functions. Through an initial consultation, we ascertain important factors such as the volume of customers the restaurant expects to serve, the type of food being prepared, the amount of staff they plan to hire, etc. This information then allows us to produce detailed CAD plans and drawings outlining how we plan to create a kitchen that meets their requirements.

Our clients are passionate about their restaurant businesses and we understand that each concept is unique, which is why we will never approach any two projects in the same way and will always work in collaboration with our clients. Our designs will be moulded around the client’s concept and presented in detailed drawings before being brought to life.

Combining decades of knowledge and experience, we can design and create a restaurant kitchen which delivers optimum flow, function and efficiency, translating to a better working environment for your staff and a pleasant dining experience for your guests.